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How Organic Distribution Work

Organic Distribution connects homeowners and contractors through a multi-platform lead generation approach. Our highly effective digital media strategies generate quality leads that can fill any industry pipeline.

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Our experience in online marketing will pump-up your pipeline and grow your organization no matter what level of sales you are at currently. Organic Distribution has a deep understanding of your industry, whether it be windows, roofing, HVAC, or solar. This knowledge, experience, and best practice will impact your impact business in a positive direction.

Pay Per Lead

We generate leads from YouTube, Facebook, Google, and native ad placements. We do not use deceptive advertising and bait-and-switch tactics. The simple pay-per-lead model allows you to vet lead quality and scale volume confidently. Whether you want 1 lead per day or 50, it’s up to you.

Pay Per Click

We drive the targeted traffic spotlighting your business as the preferred installer in the consumer’s area. You are simply charged on a per click basis where the homeowner clicks your link, and is directed to your website. Once there, they convert to your internal lead form or will reach out via phone call.

Live Transfer/Booked Appointment

In real time, an interested homeowner fills out and submits a lead form wanting to learn more. Then they are prompted on the screen that a phone call is incoming. Once the homeowner answers the phone they are greeted and prompted to book an appointment.

Dedicated Caller

Organic Distribution provides you with trained appointment setters/prospectors to effectively assist in converting your leads to appointments.

Adherence to strict standard operating procedures and a focus on nurturing the pipeline yields to the most effective lead-to-sale conversion.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Organic Distribution is the real deal! Our organization had 3 contracts signed in the last 2 weeks. Their integration process is simple and the support staff is super friendly.

James McToll

  • Review From James McToll

We’ve had plenty of lead providers promise us the moon. But that came with high start up fees and unrealistic expectations. Organic Distribution let their work do the speaking. They delivered the goods!

Benson Martinez

  • Review From Benson Martinez

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  • Review From XYZ

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  • Review From XYZ

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What Can You Expect

Leads that convert/Low Cost of Acquisition

We provide high quality leads that will keep your sales force busy. Our lead-to-appointment ratio will keep the cost of acquisition price down. Thus creating more opportunities to reinvest more into growing your organization.

Multi Channel Lead Generation

We generate TCPA compliant leads from multiple advertising platforms. Strategic diversification creates the best opportunities in our customers sales pipelines.

Focus on Your Core Strengths

By letting Organic Distribution focus on lead generation, and appointment setting you are able to focus your core strengths within your business. This will yield the greatest return on investment and time.

Dedicated Representative

We are here to help. You will be assigned a dedicated representative who will guide you and support you throughout your Organic Distribution journey.

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